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Frequently asked questions

  • Do you ship internationally?

    1. Yes we do! By default we offer shipping to all of mainland Western Europe. Prices can
      be found on the Delivery and Returns page and they are calculated automatically
      when checking out.  Free delivery is available for all locations but it depends on the total amount of your purchase.
    2. It is also possible for us to send to elsewhere in the world; UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc.
      You will need to contact us directly for a shipping quote, as you will not be able to
      checkout automatically via the webstore.

  • How does Brexit affect shipping to the UK?

    1. Brexit has temporarily impacted internationally deliveries. Currently we have suspended the checkout function on our website for UK delivery. Contact us directly for a shipping quote.
    2. Be aware if ordering from the UK you may be charged additional delivery costs outside of our fees; such as customs import fees and courier handling charges.

  • When will my order be dispatched?

    1. Depending on order size and the selection of products chosen; we aim to dispatch all
      products within 2-5 days of receiving the order. Delivery times with DHL can vary depending on location but range from 2-5 days and tracking will be provided. This should give on average 5-10 days delivery time from the time you place an order to the time to recieve an item.

  • How do you package your products?

    1. Our products are packaged in a variety of ways. Note; most of our products are not
      provided with consumer appropriate packaging. As we are focused on B2B sales, it is common for our products to be repackaged for a B2C market by our consumers.

      1. Bags – Smaller products (size and/or quantity) may be packaged within a
        clear, thick plastic bag. This will then be shipped within a mixed cardboard
        box with the rest of your order. Common products packaged in this manner
        include clamps, cloth pegs, S-hooks etc.
      2. Small cardboard boxes – some products come in small branded cardboard
        boxes such as Rapid nails and staples.
      3. Larger boxes – when ordering larger quantities we may ship in the
        manufacturers box. For example; if ordering a full box of 24 bearing plates,
        we will ship you the full box and not repackage into bags or smaller boxes.
      4. Mixed boxes – most commonly used for larger orders with a variety
        of products. We will combine as many products as possible into a single
        mixed cardboard box to reduce shipping costs.
      5. Reels – steel wire and polyester wire will be supplied on either wooden or plastic reels. Due to the size and weight, this will usually be shipped on a pallet.
    2. Due to the nature of the products (mostly industrial steel or aluminium) we do not
      use additional packaging such as bubblewrap, foam or packing peanuts within our
      cardboard boxes. Through 20+ year experience, we have found that our products
      rarely, if ever get damaged during transit.

  • Do you offer product discounts?

    1. We do! There are two methods of obtaining discounts.
      1. Our webstore offers automatic discounts on all products dependent on the quantity ordered; commonly saving 10-20% on our standard retail price. Just add to cart and the checkout process will automatically include the discounted prices where applicable.
      2. We can offer even better prices through a personalised quote. Contact us directly so that we can provide even better discounts.

Other questions?

Feel free to contact us and we will try to answer your question as soon as possible!